Our Story

Take some of the best cotton in the world:  a rain-fed crop grown in Western Uganda by committed farmers with expert support.
Provide the infrastructure and expertise to process the cotton locally, maximising farmer prices, value-adding the local economy and producing world class, 100% African, sustainable, traceable garments.

Export the products to the world's leading retailers and brands.

This is Field to Fashion.
This is Fine Spinners Uganda.

Our Field to Fashion model offers a unique opportunity for retailers to trace their supply chain in it's entirety, whilst remaining highly competitive.  

It delivers significant increases in value-addition and associated stakeholder benefits, at local and national level.

Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa,” is traditionally known for its premium quality cotton.  Now it heralds a new era in sustainable textiles production, through our pioneering operations.

Our cotton is predominantly grown in the West, where, assisted by leading development partners, we mentor our farmers in sustainable cotton agriculture.  

At harvest, the CMiA-branded lint bales are transported to the Fine Spinners facilities in Kampala to be blended and spun into yarn.  Our knitting and dying processes meet exacting international standards, as do our fabrics, which are subjected to rigorous retailer-specified testing regimes.

Finally, and with great pride, we sew the country of origin into the garments and
ship them to the world's leading brands and retailers.


Fine Spinners Uganda
Sustainable Cotton from the Pearl of Africa